Best Website of Pikashow in 2024

The official website of Pikashow app unexpectedly disappeared from search engine results pages (SERP) not long after. It is because Google vanished the app’s video broadcasting services due to its role in copyright crimes, leaving viewers in shock and generating hundreds of questions instantly.

Which is the new website of Pikashow? It is the most asked question, due to its relation to the Pikashow App. Since the question is valid, most replies posted on the online discussion boards, need to be corrected.

Best Website of Pikashow

To be sincere, the search engine removed the Pikashow app from the official site a long time ago, consequently, it is no longer available online. The Pikashow Android broadcasting app is not readily available on the Play Store.

The debate is beginning to become fascinating, but the part beneath provides some shocking fresh data on the suspension of the Pikashow. Therefore, show patience and stay around to develop your comprehension of website of Pikashow’ s material further.

Why does Google ban the Pikashow website?

Broadcasting programs have been widespread worldwide recently because of their reasonable, feasible, and simple-to-operate capabilities. A little over two billion people utilize streaming apps for accessing media on the internet due to posting. Though, I like live video streaming applications, in the business world,. The Google Play Store is critically essential, as it is the best platform for programmers to present themselves, create a marketplace, and attract users to their services. Naturally, Play Store bans on apps never reach an extensive user base.

For the details you provide, the Play Store on Google’s website of Pikashow has set up rules and regulations for producers of apps and games. When they develop products and are allowed to download them, they have to undergo the Google Play Store’s inspection and filtering procedures. Google management emphasizes safeguarding consumer information and confidence inside Google Play’s extensive privacy and security frameworks. There isn’t any doubt that this is the main cause of many games and applications being removed from the Play Store.

There’s a little question that many apps and games are removed from the Android Market. And deleted for the just reason of safeguarding consumers’ personal information and secrecy, regardless of the wide range of privacy and security requirements that Google administration has to pick from. Concerning website of Pikashow, it served as the initial streamed application that offered an extensive selection of unlimited accessible content before it initially became obtainable on the Google Play Store. In the first six months of accessibility, the app was successfully downloaded more than two million times.

The Pikashow, the mobile application undergoing consideration, serves as an ad-supported video streaming app that provides 1000 TV channels, an extensive movie gallery, a music library, live sports streams, and on-demand programming. Its major selling advantage could be the integration of OTT websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Tragically, the main attraction of website of Pikashow has developed into the reason for its downfall and the removal of its applications from the Google Play Store. The owners of OTT platforms, especially Star India, have brought a complaint against Pikashow, saying that the latter is stealing content.

Unfortunately, the primary attraction of website of Pikashow transformed into the explanation for its closing down and the removal of its services from the Play Store. Star India and various OTT owners are bringing proceedings against the Pikashow app, claiming that the company stole their content. The bench ruled that the online streaming services of the mobile application had to be restricted across India, as the complainant council had no way to offer any evidence in court that Pikashow was subsequently taken down from the Google Play Store because of the comparable infringement allegations.

New website of Pikashow: response

It is genuine that the original Pikashow app was shut down from the Play Store on Google, and the search function on Google for the company’s official website of Pikashow, which provided direct live streaming options and assistance for customers was additionally eliminated.

The simple response to this issue is that website of Pikashow still needs to establish an additional official homepage. Following this, a few reports reportedly suggest that Pikashow’s developer intends to rebrand their application with fresh information on broadcasting and an updated brand.

 The issue also involves the reality that many programmers harness comparable domain addresses to pretend that they are in charge of official website of Pikashow, aiming to get users’ private data. In the meantime, they have been recognized by those who back them on Reddit, Quora, Wikipedia, Twitter, and YouTube.

The real story, in the meantime, is entirely different because fraudulent websites masquerading as official Pikashow Outlets exist, and neither Google nor the Official Pikashow owners recognize them. In the case you happen to fall into their capture, online information breaches are going to happen. 

Authorized strategies for reaching around Google using the Pikashow streaming sites

The Pikashow app is not available on the Google Play Store but there are very simple and easy ways to get access to services of streaming without any restrictions and compromising

But we are discussing just three Google-verified methods that unlock the Pikashow streaming services over the internet or by installing the authorized streaming app for iPhone and Android smartphones are provided here. But before we apply any of them, give your privacy top priority.

Make a use of VPN

Many countries have banned the Pikashow streaming services in their national borders when the Google Play Store removes it. But they can use this by method it is secured and they can enjoy live streaming like others. But the first point is downloading the app.

Therefore download an approved VPN and run it in the background if you want to activate the services of the Pikashow app in your present country the first main step is to download this app and the other is to download vpn and install it now you can enjoy live streamings of pikashow app.

Use Pikashow alternatives

Another option is the Pikashow alternatives if the first trick is not working for you then you can use the Pikashow alternatives. There are two streaming platforms accessible on the World Wide Web that are similar content providers to the Pikashow App.

Since, we are listing here free streaming providing platforms in which mostly are HD Streamz, ALT Balaji, and Ullu are the top substitutes for the Pikashow app. And the most stunning opportunities, if you have the money for it, then you can use Disney + Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.


In short, there is no official website of Pikashow available that can be easily discovered on Google, for example, and any website that claims to have the most forged. But can get its original version, which is preserved. However, the Pikashow streaming app services have been terminated by the Google Play Store. Of course, you can check out the download link from starting to installation.