Pikashow for iOS and iPhone Get Free Version 2024

Despite this, the Pikashow app is general, international, and comprehensive, but it is difficult to download the Pikashow app for iOS, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This is because Android and iPhones have different sets of APIs.  Now we will tell you some tricks with which you can download this app on your iPhone.

Pikashow for  IOS/iPhone

If you think that it is impossible to install Android apps on an iPhone, then it is not, and if you think that we will make you do irregular activities to install APK apps on an iPhone, then that too. No. We will tell you some methods to install apps on your iPhone effortlessly. Stay connected with us to learn about this method.

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Why is Pikashow for iOS famous?

One of the main reasons why Pikashow for iOS is popular is because of the steaming it provides. When people were stuck at home when the Corona virus hit, the Pikashow app gave them relief through the capabilities of the internet.

Many networks provide streaming, but the best and most demanded among them is the Pikashow app because it doesn’t have any subscription charges compared to Netflix. It’s expensive and provides less data, but Pikashow shows you your favorite movies, TV shows, and more, and you can also download videos and watch them offline. Pikashow provides its users with 1000+ channels and more than 100 languages.

Not only this, the Pikashow app also provides many other benefits to users, like video quality options, a user-friendly interface, one-click downloads, and many more, which we will explain in detail further.

Features of Pikashow app

We are discussing here some qualities of the Pikashow app that make it unique and popular. Let’s know together.

best streaming platform for IOS

It won’t be wrong to say that the Pikashow app is a big platform for iOS users because it saves all its users from hassles and boredom by entertaining them with a single click, whether they are Android, iOS, or PC users.

Interestingly, Pikashow for iOS supports models like IOS 14, IOS 15, and the iPhone V 86.

Huge Content Collection

It is also a great feature of Pikashow for iOS that provides a lot of content, making it impressive compared to other streaming provider platforms. It ranges from online TV and live streaming to all categories of collections like drama, new documentaries, kids’ content, web series, and movies.

Live TV Channels

The latest update of the Pikashow for iOS provides more than 1500 live TV channels in different languages and different categories, including TV shows, live movies, and much more. Live TV channels include CNN, News 24, CNBC, Sony Max DD Sports, Sony Sab, and NDTV Hindi.

Streaming of Movies  and Songs

Music can improve one’s mood. It decreases anxiety and pain. Movies are a source of entertainment. They teach us a lot in the field of education through Pikashow for iOS. And through movies, we can observe. Movies motivate us through stories and thoughts. This app provides you with all categories of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Lollywood in categories with different languages.

Live Sports Streaming

For those who can’t make it to the sports event, the Pikashow app gives them a surprise in the form of live streaming. This app covers all sports, like cricket, In cricket, it covers the IPL, the World Cup, the Asia Cup, etc.

Multi-language Support

Although the Pikashow app is in Hindi, it also covers different languages so that people from foreign countries can enjoy it. This app covers more than 100 languages.

Customization Options

The purpose of the customization feature is to allow the user to customize the video according to their preferences and tastes. Through this feature, the user can adjust audio adjustments, subtitles, and screen background and can change subtitles.

One-Click Downloading

When you enjoy online video or other entertainment, the thought of downloading comes into your brain. So, the downloaded video eliminates the buffering and internet connection issues.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the comprehensive features of the Pikashow for iOS is that its interface is simple and easy to understand, so the user can easily understand it and solve any problems he may have.

Anti-Ban and Secure

The Pikashow app is safe and secure. I have used it without any issues. What its developer said: Most of the users and telecommunication companies are not allowed to use pirated data on this app, claiming to be malicious.

Guidelines Pikashow for IOS Users

If you are a beginner, we will give you guidelines on how to use it easily. You can follow these.

icons8 home 48

Home Screen

The home screen is also called the main web page. This page provides you with all the content in the list of categories, including TV Shows, movies, songs, Dramas, documentaries, live sports, etc. You can choose any of them according to your preferences.

icons8 search more 48

Search Bar

Search bar that is at the top of the home screen. Provides your trusty videos by searching the name of the content in the search bar. It directly relates to your videos, movies, or other favorite content of users.

icons8 history 64


Watch free documentaries on sports, science, culture, travel, nature, crime, and more on the Pikashow for iOS.

icons8 menu 48


The menu runs off the top of the screen. It provides you with a set of functions that help you find information or perform specific tasks, like downloading favorites and settings.

icons8 adjust 48

Playback Controls

Playback Control is a comprehensive function through which you can control the volume, pausing, and resume at pikashow for ios.

icons8 admin settings male 48


The profile is an option of the Pikashow app that allows users to customize their playlist, favorite shows, and channels. Contents of Pikashow app accessible to iPhone Users

Download and install the Pikashow for iOS

We are providing you with some technical methods through which you can download this app on your iPhone easily.

  • First, go to the app settings.
  • Find the general settings.
  • Look down and choose “Background App Refresh.”.
  • Then, turn off the toggle option in the Background App Refresh.
  • Now, pick out the Wi-Fi and mobile data options.
  • Subsequently, open the Safari browser.
  • Open the “App Boba” website.
  • In the search bar, enter “Pikashow App” and click on the related result.
  • Press “Download Now.”
  • The downloading process may take a little time. Wait for it.
  • Downloading two apps from the given list and using both for thirty seconds is compulsory.
  • When you complete both tasks, it is ready to play on your iPhone.

       Download the Pikashow App from the App Store

The latest version of the Pikashow app for iOS is available on the Apple Store. Now, users of iPhones can enjoy this app by downloading it from the Apple Store without extra charges.

The step-by-step method for downloading of pikashow for iOS is here.

  • The first step is to go to the original App Store for the iPhone.
  • Log in with your Google account and a strong password to access the App Store.
  • Afterward, go to the search bar, type “Pikashow App,” and click on the related result.
  • Now, click the install button.
  • Wait, the installation process may take a few seconds.
  • The installation process is complete. Now enjoy the streaming.

              Advantages of the Pikashow for IOS

It is for your knowledge that the original version of the Pikashow app is just for Android devices. It is difficult to download it on iOS devices. We need some technical methods to download it on our iOS devices. It has the advantages discussed below.

icons8 jailbreak 64


The first advantage of this app is that it works on the iPad, iPod, iOS, iPhone, and Apple version 2024 without jailbreaking.

icons8 iphone 15 pro 48

Supports iOS 14/15

Unexpectedly, after the latest update of this Pikashow app, it covers iOS 14 and iOS 15. It means you can now enjoy this app on modern iPhone devices.

icons8 configuration 48

Easy setup and configuration

Finally, yet importantly, it works on a simple procedure. You can download the Pikashow app on your iPhone without any trouble.

          Common issues for Pikashow users

Pikashow app users face some common issues, which we will discuss here, along with a solution.

icons8 chickenpox 48

Internet connection

Pikashow users face common issues during streaming. One of the most important is an internet connection. In this case, you can reduce the video quality, switch to another internet connection, and try to reboot your Wi-Fi router.

icons8 ccleaner 64

Delete App Data and Cache

App data and caches, called temporary data, can get corrupted and create issues for streaming. In this situation, you can clear data and cache because clearing data on iOS resolves issues with your iPhone’s speed, battery, and security.

icons8 restart 48

Restart Your Phone

Frequently, the Pikashow app shows an error. It can be solved by clicking the restart button on your iOS device, because restarting will clear out background running apps and memory issues.

icons8 install 64

Install Pikashow Again

When you want to eliminate any bugs, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling Pikashow for iOS. Reinstalling the app removes the previously installed app’s settings and glitches.


Pikashow for iOS is a big platform for those looking for live streaming of movies, TV shows, documentaries, dramas, songs, and sports events. It updates regularly. This app provides you with all these contents for free. We always tried to explain the downloading method of this app on your device. If it didn’t work, contact us through email or the comments section.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not designed for iOS devices, but some tricks make it able to run on iOS devices.

Downloading movies and other media is very easy on the Pikashow app. Open the movie, click on the three dots, and then download.

A few days ago, Google banned the Pikashow apk, due to which it was removed from the Play Store.