Pikashow App v86 Download Latest Version 2024

Pikashow apk is an application that offers live streaming to users of many categories, like web series, movies, TV shows, dramas, live sports, and much more. For sports fans, this app covers a wide range of events. For example in cricket, Pikashow covers big events such as the World Cup, Asia Cup, and IPL. Due to privacy factors, this app can’t exist on the Play Store. So, users typically search for this app on Google through different websites.

Pikashow Apk Download Latest Version 2024

So, Don’t be hesitate. We are here for your help. From our trusted website, you can download the pikashow APK free. Then, don’t worry about those problems that can occur when you are trying to Pikashow APK download for Android. We provide you with this app with guidelines. So, you won’t face any trouble if you follow every step given to us. This article will discuss the modded version of the Pikashow Premium 2024 including its advanced features, components, and user interfaces. After reading this article, you will be an expert at downloading and installing any streaming app on your Android and other devices. When choosing your broadcasting app for life, it is impossible to get an advantage from it without knowledge.

Follow the below steps to download the pikashow on your android device
Download Click on the download button given above to download the apk file on your device.
install After the downloading process completed, go to downloads and click on the file to install it on your device.
Run Wait for the installing process. Once it completed you can run the app and enjoy the taste of its offers.

Many stream-provider applications, like Pikashow Free Download APK, generate much money. Because billions of users buy its premium membership and many people buy products, it is a success for this app to create belief. Instead of music and movies, Pikashow Pro APK also provides live TV stations with various content in different areas, such as theaters, designs, and news.

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What is Pikashow mod apk?

Streaming applications now have a lot of competition in this digital era but the Pikashow app ranks at the top of the competition for for its best streaming, advanced features, and smooth performance, who chose it as the best streaming application. Some competitors of this app are trying to make its composition bad by reviewing its negative concepts in different online forums, but we kept this app in the spotlight, and it remains in the top ten streaming apps in the world.

Pikashow MOD APK, the fully accessible version of the app with no ads to disturb your live streaming and all features unlocked, is also available on our website. The MOD version of the app will crazy you and fill your life with enjoyement.

The Pikashow app is an Indian broadcasting application with millions of active users. This app provides live sports events and international news, as well as an opportunity for users to access movies, news, songs, dramas, TV shows, web series, theatre shows, and other data without any cost.

First, we conclude the discussion about losing data, like movies and songs, from particular places. but it is an opportunity for those who lost this data due to the restriction of the region. The Pikashow app provides quick access to this content through the integration of OTT Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Ullu, and others to enhance it

If you are using the free version of this app and feel nervous about the limitations and ads running, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the modded version of it. Now you can turn to the Pikashow mod APK and get access to advanced features without any cost. Using this version, you can say goodbye to ads and limitations and welcome endless streaming and fast downloading.

Before the steps, we want to discuss some of its features that make it unique and preferable:

How Does Pikashow work?

For the determination of the quality, capacity, and power of any app, users measure the convenience of that app. For example, if the application shows text with the help of icons, it makes it easy and understandable for the users. The developers of this app also created it based on these factors and made it user-friendly. Its simple navigation system, accessibility for everyone (premium and free users) customization factors, error handling, and 24/7 support system make it a top streaming app.

When you learn about the Pikshow app and what it can do, you will be amazed at its features, because it packs a ton of entertainment on one platform. If you need something, you can find it on the Pikshow app by searching for it. If you’re supporting Bollywood and Hollywood, songs, movies, and any other content, the Pikashow app has a solution. It has a massive amount of content related to your preferences. It also provides 500+ TV channels around the world. They provide the latest news, and access to live sports events. All of these are accessible at Pikashow without cost.

The search bar is the most convenient, easy, simple, and quick method to find content. It is sufficient for you. The search bar of this app provides you with a direct path to discover your preferred content without scrolling and finding the related pages.

In the last part of this topic, we want to ask about the features that are discussed above, We are discussing things like its simple interface, Chromecasting caption, subtitles, and video quality. People looking for entertainment live streaming by this app with these features and more advanced characteristics provide the perfect package. Lastly, we are asking, if this app works with amazing features on Anroids, Iphoens, and other Windows devices.

Features of Pikashow APK

This app is mentioned in the top 10 streaming apps in the world due to its extra advanced features, its simple navigation function, and other qualities, which are discussed below. Its all-in-one streaming package means it is used on Android, Windows, Smart TVs, and MacBooks, This feature increases the attractiveness of this app.

We have fully tried to discuss the features of this app, on which basis this app is very famous worldwide. To know its valuable characteristics, let’s connect with us. If this app can’t provide extra-advance features like customization, it is impossible to build authority like now. These features of this app generate attention from users.

If the Pikashow app is your life partner’s streaming app, it is your responsibility to understand its worthwhile features. These features are included with a single click. Like downloading in one click, offline playing, and subtitles for foreign users, the main factor is customization, and many more features of the most recent version of Pikashow are discussed with useful and sweaty tips. The last part of this page will allow you to become an expert in downloading and installing any streaming app on any device.

We discussed here some further upgrade characteristics of this app that can prove most beneficial for the users.

Gathering of movies

This app is well-known based on its vast data storage in different categories and languages. If you are a fan of love stories, sad stories, or blockbuster movies, the Pikashow app provides you with tastes according to your preferences. Users love this app because, after opening it, they can discover new movies and also revisit old ones. The credit goes to its user-friendly interface. because users can achieve this within a few clicks. If we note its genres, it covers everything from horror scenes to romantic material, sci-fi to family-friendly animated data. And when you are in a chilling mood, this app provides you with comedic romantic material. Hence, foreign users can also enjoy movies with this app on their PCs, Androids, TVs, Macs, and FireSticks.

Live streaming sports

Its live-streaming sports are also a reason for its fame. It covers sports of all kinds, such as football, tennis, baseball, hockey, and cricket. In cricket, this app covers all the categories of cricket, like the IPL, World Cup, and Asia Cup. This app also provides you with cricket matches that TV can’t stream. if you subscribe for notification updates, it can notify you about regular updates on sports and upcoming events. This app provides a community section for sharing your thoughts about sports and publishing your predictions of cricket matches.

If we talk about the quality of sports streaming on this app, they provide high-resolution broadcasting with an easy interface. There is another big advantage for Pikashow users and sports lovers: they can choose any device for sports streaming, like tablets, smart TVs, and other big screens, according to their preferences. If you were busy anyway and missed the live, important moment, this app performs a task to watch the previous excitement, but it is on-demand.

Many Video Quality choices

The best quality video selection on any streaming app provides the best streaming experience to the users. In this case, you first need to choose your screen’s resolution. 1080 and 4K provide high-quality streaming and need more internet strength. Bit rate is also an analytics tool to analyze the resolution of the streaming because its resolution consumes more data, but it also provides high resolution because it is also a sign of a fast and secure internet connection, which is also a requirement for better video quality streaming. Your device compatibility, internet speed, and type of content are the main factors.

Many users face internet issues related to it. So, the purpose of this quality is to provide users with a quality selection of streaming. That may be helpful or useful for users who face internet issues. They can select a video quality according to their internet connection. You can enjoy live streaming with the same functions on YouTube.

Chrome casting Option

To enjoy live streaming of pikashow on a big screen, chrome casting is a simple, easy, and valuable method. This method allows you to Chromecast your stream of Android, tablets, TVs, and other devices on the big screens through Plugged. It helps to enjoy live streaming with your friends or family. the method of chromecasting is simple First of all, connect your big screens, like TVs, and other devices to an Android device with the same wifi network. Then open the app to find your favorite content. Now, tap the cast icon, which usually shows on the bottom right of the app. When you click on the icon for cast, the list of connections appears on the display, and you can select your Android name. Now, you can start the Pikashow app and enjoy live streaming on the big screen.

Chrome casting is an advantage. Who hates to enjoy movies on a short screen? Chrome casting is the best option for those. Users can cast their programs from Android TV APK or iOS to a large screen of TVs by using the factor of chrome casting.

User Friend Interface

The well-designed user interface of any streaming app, like the Pikashow app, with its attractive layout and easy-to-navigate sections, makes it helpful for the users to find the content according to their preferences instantly. This feature leaves positive thoughts in the minds of the users by saving their time and effort. If any app provides such an easy interface for the users, users then spend most of their time on their app, exposing themselves to the most recent movies, and creating engagement with that app.

There is a clear cut to using this app because it is quick, responsive, and effortless to run. In such a simple way, It is so that everyone can use it without struggle.

Unlocked Everything

Using a modded version of this app provides some advanced features that increase the user experience. Its modded version breaks all ads during streaming, and you can watch your favorite content on this app without jailbreaking or pop-ups. You can also get premium subscription access without any subscription for instant access to the latest published content, with high-quality resolution and without limitations. The mod version of Pikashow also provides your content without any restrictions and in high resolution. Another big advantage of this version is that you can join the community and publish the tips to other users and read is provided by your other community members.

Users can use its modded version because it is created and unlocked in premium and other cases. Otherwise, apps are premium and are not modified.

Organized neatly

The first impression of an organization is the interface of the app, its layout, and menu design. The Pikashow app has a search function at the top that helps the users find the content and the thought behind content creation by arranging categories.

The content organization of this app is very impressive. You can search for your favorite content with this feature and enjoy it without wasting time.

Live TV Channels

One of the most outstanding features of this app is the Live TV Channels In the digital era of entertainment, users can join TV channels according to their preferences, such as news, cricket, sports, and much more. This app also provides live streaming platforms and informs us how to join live streaming for free. Free access is another attractive characteristic of it. Pikashow provides live programs, shows, or other events that are often exciting and evoke the most emotional feelings. So, the app also provides more than 500 live TV channels for its users.

The Pikashow app updates regularly and displays the most fresh content on the front page. so, you can choose your preferences on the first page; it will be quick and easy for the users of this app.

Subtitles for foreigners

The subtitles play an important role on all streaming platforms to enhance the user experience. Subtitles are most beneficial for those who are deaf or hard to listen to and for those who speak a different language. If you are watching live streaming in a noisy environment or facing voice issues, subtitles are most important in this situation. The subtitles of the Pikashow app not only provide you with text in English but in any language you can choose according to your preferences. In this case, the Pikashow app provides subtitles for foreigners, allowing them to choose their language and enjoy the app’s content in their preferred language.

Method of Subtitles

  • First of all, download and install the pikashow app on your device
  • now open your preferred video
  • Navigate to the icon of the subtitle, which mostly shows with CC.
  • click on the subtitles icon, open it, and choose your preferred language

Blocking Ads

In most cases, when you are watching your favorite movie or enjoying other entertainment, ads on the screen lead you to frustration. some types of disadvantages of ads on streaming are listed

  • During streaming, ads are targeted for your emotions during your interested content.
  • Some ads consume data. So, these ads are trouble for limited data users
  • Running ads on screen during streaming may directly affect the page load speed or create buffering issues
  • ads also create malware risks for your device

When you are using its modified version after downloading it from our website, you are safe from these issues and can take advantage of the advantages listed below:

  • Without ads, this app increases the user experience, allowing users to focus on their favorite content
  • Without ads, overall performance can be increased by increasing website or app loading speed
  • ads blocking optimizes your device and the bandwidth of the network

In such a situation, you can use a modded version of this app to enjoy ad-free videos.

Bugs And Glitches

In old versions, users face issues due to many more problems. But this updated version removes the issues and creates something simple,  easy, and without problems. Now, we are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of bugs and glitches during live streaming.


  • Addressing bugs and glitches increases the user experience, like your overall device performance.
  • Without bugs, this app minimizes crash attempts, and screen freeze issues, These features build user trust.
  • With these trusted brands, the user provides positive reviews and ratings with the best quality.
  • Bug-free, entertaining apps increase user retention


  • Consistent issues can frustrate users, and it can decrease the usage of the app
  • Permanent issues can cause poor ratings, and the rate of downloads falls due to them.
  • Another main disadvantage is the loss of revenue; bug-affected apps affect subscriptions and create user dissatisfaction, reducing transactions.
  • Bugs can reduce the trust of app developers.

Download Movies And Shows

Free downloading of any content from this app is its most powerful feature. Because it allows you to get data on your device for free. The downloading method is simple, you can pick your favorite content and press the download link.

There are advantages of downloading movies or shows because some places do not have connectivity or poor Internet, so you can use downloaded content because they are playing data offline. You also can share this content with others. Downloaded videos also have the best background play quality.

Secure App

When you are using a third-party app, it is important to ensure that the app is secure or not for the safety of your data, device, or Andriod. Data protection is the most important factor for using any app, and a secure app protects your data from theft and provides you with a safety protocol. Another main thing is downloading data through this app. Make sure your app is safe and not downloading malware and viruses with your file. Pikashowapp is a secure app because most people watch live movies or TV shows at a time, and this app updates regularly for security vulnerabilities.

Multi Tasking

This app offers a wide range of content and provides a multiple-task feature during live streaming of your favorite content to increase the user experience and flexibility. The user can open a new window or tab for other purposes while enjoying live streaming.

There are some multitasking ideal points.

  • Users can play video or audio in the background when the app runs. You can play podcasts or music at that time when the Pikashow app shows ads.
  • Without interrupting the user experience you can float small windows of streaming apps and easily navigate to other apps or work on the internet.
  • Split-screen mode is another benefit of this app, you can enable split-screen mode and use other apps on the sidebar of your screen at this time you can use social media, and chat with your friends.

Note: The multitasking feature works, based on your device compatibility and configuration system.

Adjust the Playback speed

If you have little time to watch movies, then this app provides an advanced feature that every other app can not perform. In this case, you can use the playback speed feature to increase speed. You can easily understand. Using this feature, you can slow down any video or speed it up according to your preferences. The benefit of speeding up is that you can save time without missing any important parts and finish complete movies and other content quickly.

How to Adjust Playback Speed

  • The function of playback speed is accessible on the screen during video playback.
  • Navigate to this function and choose playback speeds such as 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x according to your suitable preferences.
  • Now you can use this feature on every device where the PikaShow app is accessible to you.

Optimize the Playback Speed

Discover the idea by using different genres of content like dramas, news, movies, live sports, and much more.

Now, check the audio effects during playback; is it understandable or not? It means voice, sound, and dialogue.

Offline Viewing Mode

If you want to use offline mode, you can first download a file to get access without the internet and an uninterrupted playback background. Another advantage of downloading in offline viewing mode is that it uses less battery power than a continuous live mobile streaming application. It is an opportunity to download the Pikashow Video Downloader. Some other advantages are listed below:

Data Saving: Downloaded data cannot consume your data during offline viewing with high-resolution

Travel Convenience: The best option for travelers who are facing internet issues in a specific region.

Quality settings: You can set settings of quality before downloading.

Parental control

The feature of this app provides peace to families by allowing their children to control and modify their viewing habits. contributes to a safe and controlled environment for children’s improvement. Parents can manage their digital activities.

Why on PikaShow?

Content management: filter and restrict the children to age-appropriate content, and they can only view it according to their maturity.

Self-Safety: The main aim of this feature is to protect children from sensitive material and provide them with a positive environment.

Feedback also gets feedback from the children and provides an environment according to their preferences.

Library content

A library of contents is covered by this app at Pikashow’s new version APK home article, sorted by easy and simple categories with an arrangement. Some contents are below:


This app has a unique collection of Pikashow updates for movie-watching. These are sorted with different genres and languages because this app understands your preferences and provides enjoyable and efficient Movies. You can also enjoy all eight Harry Potter films. Pikashow movie download, filmyzilla movies, and also Pikashow similar apps can be downloaded. We are discussing some types of movie streaming APKs.

icons8 movies 48 1 1


A crowd of people like Bollywood movies. So, this app covered most Bollywood movies. These are an integral part of Indian cinema for their best blend of drama, romance, dance, etc. Bollywood movies have a following not only within India but also globally.

icons8 horror 60


It produces movies(based on the American industry) in different genres and interests. These movies have global appeal and are famous worldwide. After an update, this app now covers these movies.

icons8 windows movie maker 48


This app also covers all  Tollywood movies. These movies relate to the Telugu film industry. The Pikashow base apk also covered these movies with all genres of technical advancement.

icons8 movies 48 1 1


Its center in Lahore refers to the Pakistan film industry. It produces movies in Urdu. Lollywood may not have the same recognition as Hollywood or Bollywood. It holds an essential place within the Pakistan Film Industry and is also popular in India. So, Pikashow apk mod update covers it.

Songs gallery

Like movies, this app covers songs of all kinds because music and Bollywood movies are an essential part of Bollywood movies. These songs have different moods and emotions.

Live TV App Channels

Live TV channels are accessible at a particular time and provide the latest news data, Emergency broadcasting, and sports broadcasting. If you are facing issues with geography or any other technical issue, you can encounter these issues by using this app on your Android device. We are discussing here some live TV channels. You can access these channels from any location around the globe.

icons8 sun 48

Sun TV

Sun TV is a channel that provides news coverage along with popular shows and dramas. It is the origin of enjoyment and awareness. You can enjoy this channel in this app for free and anytime.

icons8 rating circled 48

Star Plus

this app serves as a platform for streaming various content genres, including drama series, reality shows, and talk shows. It covers all these programs.

icons8 star of bethlehem 48


If you are interested in Telugu entertainment, you can access the Star Maa channel through this app site.

icons8 gold 48


this is also an Indian channel available on this app. It takes part with a strong TV channel like “Rishtey” You can access this channel in the Pikashow official app.

Live sports at Pikashow apk

Live sports also have an explosion of crowds on any live channel because these are more emotional engagements than comedies. But this app cannot be close-fisted in this field. It is without any geographical or technical issues. Some live sports that you can enjoy on this app are below:

icons8 cricket 64


This app provides live streaming of Cricket matches with in-depth analysis and commentary.

icons8 football 48


Football is an impressive sport for worldwide fans. You can access live streaming with a few clicks on this app and enjoy without any miss-moment of the action.

icons8 hockey 48


If you are thirsty for live streaming of Hockey. Then you are on the right site because this app provides instant access to your favorite team and players with in-depth analysis and live commentary.

icons8 car racing 100

car racing

This is an impressive and dependable app for any moto racing competition that provides streaming.

icons8 wwe 64


WWE: Watching WWE matches on the pikashow apk — free download. it provides you with a high-energy nature and generates a sense of excitement

Integration with OTT portion

OTT stands for over-the-top. It covers all live video programs (movies, songs, dramas, and many more) and delivers them to viewers by bypassing traditional cable, satellite, and broadcast television platforms. You can enjoy it by downloading the Pikashow Type pro apk. We are discussing here some OTT programs:

icons8 amazon 50

Amazon Prime Video

It is a service provided by Amazon and is famous for streaming content. If you subscribe to the premium version, it grants you access to all the content available.

icons8 netflix 50


This is an impressive and dependable app for any moto racing competition that provides streaming.

icons8 disney 64


This platform covers all types of sports. And it is the biggest platform for sports lovers. You can get access to it through this app.

icons8 voot kids 48


This is an impressive and dependable app for any moto racing competition that provides streaming.

Pikashow APK Infographic

Dual Security Parameters

Many people consider streaming apps to be hazardous. They understand these apps have weak security.

There are many online cases where using third-party apps leads to privacy issues or stolen data.

The people who created Pikashow online know that it’s not a reality, so they are putting in a lot of effort to confirm their app’s security. In conclusion, many users—only one user—gave a negative review about Pikashow’s privacy standards.

Pikashow Pors and Cors


  • This app provides you with free access to movies and songs.
  • It holds up high-quality streaming.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Permits downloads, then users can watch without any internet connection.
  • It updates its data regularly.
  • Unlike other streaming services, which can be disrupted by frequent pauses and buffering, this service rarely pauses or lags because it stays up and runs longer than others.
  • Function of different categories of gadgets. Like smartphones, PCs, Tablets, etc.


  • There is no disadvantage to this app. You can use it without any issues.

Download and Install Pikashow Apk on Android and Devices

Downloading this app on Android devices is a piece of cake. We hope you can rapidly approach the affected qualities of the app. So, follow these elementary steps, and quickly, you’ll be pleased by the suitability and anticipation that the app brings to your Android device. Then, you can download new Pikashow APK IPL for free. Let’s get started and make your experience the best it can be.

  • Start the operation by pressing the download button to secure the most recent version of this app.
  • Don’t neglect to select where you want to store the file before you click “download now”.
  • Please wait a little while, as our server takes a short period to process your implementation.
  • Consequently, go to your phone’s settings and click on security settings. Turn on unknown sources to let the app access your device’s storage.
  • Later, go to File Manager, find the Download Folder, open the Pikashow APK new version file launch, and install it.
  • Give different approvals like accessing photos, media, and location to finish installing the app.
  • In the end, you’ll see a small icon on your device’s screen. Tap the icon to open the app, log in with your email, and start using it.

Download Pikashow on iPhones — Older and New Models

Amazingly, this app works on different iPhone models without any break. However, If you want to use a modified version of this app on your iPhone, follow these steps:. These steps help you to use this app on your iPhone without any break.

  • Open your iPhone settings and locate the option “General” in the apps section.
  • Look down below and tap on “Background App Refresh.”
  • Turn off the toggle switch.
  • Now, use your default web browser and visit the https://thepikashowapp.com Pikashow website.
  • Find the button and click it. “Pikashow APK download”.
  • Please hold on while the streaming app download finishes.
  • The wait is over! Tap that app icon and let the fun begin.

Download Pikashow app on computers and PCs— Using Android Emulators

Wonderfully, This app also works well on Windows, PCs, and Chrome Browsers. But

Before downloading this app, install an Android  Emulator to prevent installation errors.

  • Open your digital door to the web world (Windows  7, 9, 10, and 11 )
  • First, go to the Google Play Store and look for BlueStacks, or grab it for Android Emulator from their official website.
  • After downloading Bluestacks, open it and type in the search bar “Pikashow for PC.
  • Tap on the first result in the search results.
  • Then, press the download button and stay for a short time.
  • After the download, start the installation process and follow all the guidelines shown on the screen.

Common problems with The Pikashow apk and how to fix  them

icons8 malfunction 64

In the case of Pikashow Malfunction:

Consider removing the outdated version. Download the updated version from the official website to resolve the issue.

icons8 mobile login 64

Pikashow Login Issues:

You can find a solution to this issue using just one Gmail account for every premium account. Ensure that you do not share your login information with others. 

icons8 server 48

Pikashow server connection issue:

This problem appears during sports streaming. Give the app an instant refresh, twice if needed, and get back to cheering.


Pikashow connection issue:

If you’re having trouble connecting with Pikashow, solve this issue by checking your internet connection. Check your device’s date and time settings. Restart your phone. Clear the app’s data and cache to troubleshoot issues and free up space.

icons8 complaint 100

Register your complaint on Pikashow:

The developers of Pikashow produce several methods for reporting streaming problems. You can use the website’s email contact, live chat assistant feedback, and comment areas.

If you are still facing issues with the Pikashow app install, then you can visit the Pikashow alternatives.


Briefly, Pikashow APK official is a fabulous streaming app where you can enjoy TV shows and movies online. Furthermore, this app adds incomparable data to other streaming apps to make better. You can download Pikashow 2023+2024 There is no limitation to enjoying it anywhere and at any time. This app proves valuable for individuals who are depressed. Constant updates prevent user fatigue. In the background, feel free to bookmark our site and return regularly to articles affiliated with this app. In addition, you can interact with us in the comments section.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

The Pikashow apk app is copyright-free content and a legal app, If it is not available in some countries due to location limitations, you can use a VPN.

Downloading movies and other media is very easy on the Pikashow app Open the movie, click on three dots then download.

A few days ago, Google banned the Pikashow apk, due to which it was removed from the Play Store.