Is Pikashow safe to use in 2024? Review.

The Pikashow app is the most famous and widely used in many countries, but most in India. But this app has unexpected aspects. Now, we are trying to discuss all these problems in this article. So, read this complete article to know whether or not this app is safe. We want to assist our new users in discussing their background or a bit of their history. We will share all the results of the is Pikashow safe or not safe app.

I Is Pikashow safe to use?

The world knows that the Pikashow app is an entertainment source for users of iOS and Android devices. The Pikashow app is not ordinary because it covers the world of content, including live TV channels, songs, documentaries, dramas, movies, and sports.

The breadth of its content is the main factor in leading its massive worldwide portfolio. The foundational key to its success is that it gives free access to its users. Yes, Pikashow is available without charge.

The Pikashow safe app provides two options for users. One is free streaming, and the other is premium. Of course, the premium package has some advanced possibilities. Like, offline viewing mode, customizing, downloading services, and also support for captions.

Moreover, anyone can use the Pikashow app without cost from anywhere and anytime. It is popular around the world because streaming creates awareness. Its free plan gives you access to subscription-based platforms. It also provides you with an opportunity to watch live sports streaming.

But you can face the issues of downloading and language translation in the case of subtitle functions.  opportunity

Some advanced features of the Pikashow app

For actual reasons, the Pikashow safe app offers massive and remarkable features. This could represent the main reason for its exponential attraction among fans. However, after investigating this app, the subsequent qualities make the Pikashow most attractive. 

Offers a Range of Exclusive Options

With this feature of the premium Pikashow app, you can get access to different advanced benefits. Including a downloading option, playlist development, multi-language support, and translation support in case of subtitles. And the features of chrome casting and syncing on iPhones, Androids, and laptops.

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Customizable app

It is critical to consider that adjusting pikashow safe app, as the default behavior, is relatively straightforward—screen size, background theme, audio, video settings, and playing speed.

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The Pikashow app has many connectivity options, the last of which is a great feature. You can use this app without breaking it or requiring additional software. This app works perfectly with the brands of Androids, iPhone models, MacBooks, Tablets, Desktops, and PCs.

Is Pikashow safe?

All streaming apps are labeled as dangerous for users because many send unapproved or copied material. And some have additionally been associated with leaked and copied private data from consumers’ gadgets.

Yet, worldwide, people still choose online streaming apps, principally because they supply free material and provide access to even those broadcast sites that are difficult to access without a premium membership. 

Unluckily, Pikashow’s credibility was damaged after numerous clients accused it of data theft scenarios, and several OTT platforms also approached an Indian court, accusing Pikashow of employing their copyrighted material without authorization.

Consumers across the globe started having doubts about the pikashow’s validity and legitimacy once the news broke. It is not worth pointing out. The designers of the Pikashow app maintain that the service is entirely legitimate and continue to put the customer’s confidence first.

Reasons to use pikashow safe app— guidelines

Many users instantly classified the Pikashow app as a hazardous and lawbreaking streaming app. All Android users must obtain and use this app. However, we thoroughly tested and have identified several appealing features

Clear and Good-Looking Interface

In comparison with harmful or spamming websites, the Pikashow app has a fresh and attractive user experience. The homepage of this app is respected, and all the service sections are accurate. It suggests that the designers avoid confusing customers.

Developer’s Privacy Complaint

A bold and brash headline suggests the Pikashow app is a secure application. It does not violate user confidentiality or copyright limitations that can be seen when you enter the official site. In addition, it emphasizes that customer privacy comes first at all times.

best app for live-streaming sports

When IPL starts, there is no free platform that provides free streaming for IPL, but just the Pikashow safe app provides free streaming of cricket. A significant advantage is that it offers free, high-resolution streaming.

Without Extension

Most platforms ask users to add extensions or download to access their premium version, but this is not in this app you can use Pikashow safe app manually. It allows users to enjoy streaming without adding extensions, and users feel comfortable with it.


Although Pikashow is highly regarded as a live-streaming program by people across the world, it includes some security vulnerabilities that can compromise your personal information. So, we can not ask you to use this app, especially with your primary account. These are some additional experiments with this app.

Missing the uninstall option

We installed the Pikashow app on our Samsung smartphone, we were hesitant to locate an easy uninstall option. Finally, we needed to navigate to the settings part.

Download the direct app from the official site

If you love the Pikashow app due to its variety, excellence, and availability, you can download it from its original site instead of using third-party platforms.

Subscribe to Original OTT Platforms

On the other hand, you ought to stop utilizing Pikashow safe for accessing OTT streaming platforms, as it is against its rules. It is unprofessional. In actuality, use the money you’ve saved to buy your membership plans and prevent the attempts of those trying to distribute unlawful content.

A large number of peoples are concerned that the Pikashow may contain viruses that might damaged their electronic devices.

This study looks at consumer feedback and evaluations, considering issues like performance, availability of content, and satisfaction in general.

Yes, A few days ago, Google banned the Pikashow apk, due to which it was removed from the Play Store.