How does the Pikashow app earn money?

Since the pikashow app is the most famous, many people are trying to know the earning source through the pikashow app. If you are also a researcher and want to know how the Pikashow app earns money,? then you are in a good place to read this full article.

pikashow earn money
pikashow earn money

Undoubtedly, when the Pikashow app started, it had a vast content streaming market. Also, it attracts more attention from users in the future. Its developers are making respectable money by creating it.

It is amazing to know that its developers are using many methods to monetize their broadcasting app: some methods are here

  • Promoting paid content
  • Through Advertisement
  • And selling membership-paid content

It is for many brands.

So, while we are discussing the Pikashow app’s earning methods, it is important to quickly explain those aspects of the Pikashow app that make it durable in the strong competition from other apps.

Features of Pikashow App

While researching the pikashow app, we got this result: it is not a small business or ordinary app. But we are discussing here the core reasons for this app. why it is popular worldwide.

To learn about the features of this app, let’s connect with us.

Top streaming app in India

Pikashow is an Indian-based streaming app that was created by Indian developers. So, the content available on the Pikashow app is Indian, like Bollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, Indian TV shows, IPL, live sports, and much more. Having said this, the app additionally communicates with OTT platforms to ensure the transmission of a limited selection of foreign content.

Vast  movies collection

The Pikashow app has an embedded movie, collection and connects it to international movie portals. Like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Ullu. so, the users are finding content of different genres like adult, fight, romance, and love.

Online TV channels range

As previously said, the Pikashow app provides more than 800 live TV channels just from India. You can find any Indian Cultural content directly on Pikashow like Star Sports, DD National, Sony Max, Song India, and Zee TV. Additionally, foreign viewers can also get access to this content, as well as Indian viewers.

Live Broadcasting of Sports:

For sports lovers, the Pikashow app is a main source for live streaming of sports and this app has gained more popularity in the world in the past few years. So, nowadays, in the era of technology, it is very easy to get access to live sports at any place and at any time. Unexpectedly, Pikashow provides most sports in the form of live streaming without any charges.

Download with a single click

When you are watching live content of any genre and your favorite content takes place on the screen, the first thought in your brain arises about downloading that content to watch offline at any place and at any time. Another thought is to share this content with your friends and family members. The Pikashow app provides you a Download option to watch content without an internet bundle, internet speed issues, and buffering issues.

Video Customization

Video Customization is another advanced feature of the Pikashow app. This option provides choice to the users through this they can any quality of the video during live streaming of their favorite content. There is the following video adjustment option that provides the Pikashow app 440p, 720p, 1080p, 1880p, and 4k.

Subtitles Service

Lastly, we would like to inform you that the pikashow app is one of the apps that provide subtitles during live streaming of any content because it makes it easier for foreign users. But national users can hide subtitles for the distortion.

How does the Pikashow app earn money?

The creators of the Pikashow app use different ways to earn money, like other developers of streaming apps. Because it is the only means by which they can pay all of the app’s expenses.

Such web hosting, server infrastructure, and other resources, of course, are their constitutional rights.

Using Subscription Plans

The sale of subscription plans is the primary money-making strategy for the developers of the pikashow app. Because the app is so famous every user tries to buy its premium plan at different times as someone needs it Quarterly, annually, or monthly. So, its premium plan has some.

By Advertisement

You might be amazed to find out that the Pikashow app provides free streaming to worldwide users. But there is some cost. When people watch streaming on the Pikashow app, ads run on the screen, creating another source of revenue for the app. But these ads are shown just on the screens of free users, not for premium users.

Through the use of Content promotion

It is also another source of income for the Pikashow app developers. It is a very simple and quick money-generating method that mostly Pikashow app developers and other streaming app developers use. In this method, creators use an advertisement strategy from outside companies and charge a fee.


In summary, Pikashow is a multimillion-dollar asset; it has thousands of premium members worldwide and a significant number of consumers who enjoy this app without any restriction, allowing it to rely on commercial ads for revenue. Having stated this, the Pikashow creators use the revenue generated by this app for the advancement of features and enhancement of its usability. Lastly, we want to ask you to bookmark our page and enable the notification icon to start getting alerts anytime when we add a new blog or a new post on the Pikashow app.