How to live stream on Pikashow APK?

Nowadays, live streaming of Pikashow through Android devices is the most popular in the world, providing live streaming, in the case of live TV shows, movies, dramas, live sports, live news, documentaries, and much more. But there is a most famous application that provides a vast amount of content to users through TV channels, Android devices, and Chrome casting functionality, using iOS, Macbooks, and many other devices: the Pikashow app. In this article, we describe the method through which you can enjoy live streaming of Pikashow.

streaming of Pikashow

What is Pikashow app?

Before downloading this app, it is important to know its purpose. Through this app, users can watch different genres of data, like TV shows, movies, dramas, live sports, documentaries, TV series, and much more. It is most famous because it has the easiest interface to understand every person with its vast amount of content. Which makes it more powerful than other streaming platforms.

Streaming of Pikashow APK: step-by-step guide

Step 1. Download and Install Pikashow APK

Before starting the live streaming of Pikashow app, it is a must to first download this app. You can download this app from our website because it is not available on the Google Play Store.

Follow these steps:

  • Allow unidentified Sources.
  • Navigate to the settings of the security. It permits the installation of apps from other sources because it is not available on the Play Store.
  • Download Pikashow APK
  • To download this app, go to this site: and download it.
  • Install the pikashow APK
  • Find the downloaded file on the device on which you downloaded this site
  • Now click on the install button for the installation.
  • Now, follow the instructions given on the screen.

Step2: Launch Pikashow APK

When the process of installation is complete, this app opens the Pikashow app from your device. When you open the app, a simple and easy user-friendly interface greets you.

step 3: Tap on Live TV

It is an option to get access to live TV channels.

  • Go to the “ main menu.” The icon of the main menu shows up in the top left corner of the Pikashow app Click on it. Which looks like three horizontal lines.
  • Select live TV: The Live TV option is shown on the menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines. By clicking on the live TV channels, it will go to the direct live TV channels.
  • Choose the channel: now a vast amount of TV channels are shown on the screen. There may be live sports, live TV channels, news, entertainment, dramas, movies, and comedies, There will be a long list of TV channels. You can explore these channels by scrolling down and choosing your preferred TV channel.
  • Enjoy live streaming:  when you choose any TV channel, it will start live streaming of Pikashow according to the channel selected by you.

Fix common problems

There are some common issues and solution of these problems are here. These issues can occur when you are enjoying live streaming of Pikashow on your device.

 Buffering issues: these issues usually occur when the internet connection breaks down or there are other internet issues In this situation, you can check your internet connection and troubleshoot it.

Channel working issues:  in this situation, when are facing issues in the working of channels, you can change channels or change your internet server.

App Crashes: first delete the app from your device and reinstall it or clear your device cache.


With the use of the Pikashow app, you can enjoy everything easily on TV channels provided by this app at your fingertips. Every person wants to enjoy live streaming through an Android device, and for that person, Pikashow APK is the best streaming platform. So, it is a great option for users to enjoy live streaming with an easy-to-use UI. If you want to enjoy your preferred content, you can follow the instructions given in this article.