Why Pikashow app is not working on iOS, TVs, and Android

Unlike other streaming apps, the Pikashow app has different technical errors that disrupt users while enjoying live streaming. In this article, we are discussing all the mistakes of the Pikashow app that occur during streaming. After reading this article, you can troubleshoot all the mistakes.

I hope you know about it, and why Pikashow not working If you don’t know, then I am telling you. Pikashow app is a live streaming app that provides movies, news, songs, dramas, TV Shows, Live Sports, and much more.

why pikashow not working on iOS, Android and PCs

The app gradually damages the user experience and breaks down slowly because it mostly shows technical errors and tries to use modern technology to satisfy the users. As we know, most errors are technical; in this case, developers are experts.

In the reviews of the Pikashow app, the users discussed the most issues with Pikashow, and the most common question raised by the users was, “Why is the Pikashow not working?” 

Unfortunately, most websites are not able to respond to this issue, but we are ready to inform you about this issue and its solution. Be patient, start to read this article, and follow all instructions.

Main solution If Pikashow not working on iOS, Android, or PCs

As we mentioned above there can be issues behind the development of the Pikashow app. But we are discussing here three authentic and legal solutions if you are facing any technical problems while using the Pikashow app you can troubleshoot these issues after reading this article.

Clear cache

Cache clearing is the first action that can increase your device’s internet speed and website loads and it can resolve many difficulties.

It also loads a new version and increases the performance of your device. The method to clear the cache on your device we are discussing here step by step:

  • Navigate to the settings on your device.
  • Open the settings and go to the Pikashow app now navigate to the storage and then press clear data.
  • The next step is to go to the settings of the pikashow app press storage and then clear the data.
  • Now, open the app and use it.

Restart your gadget

There is no doubt that the performance of your device impacts on streaming app. And when your app faces hanging issues you can easily restart your device and then analyze it because it increases the speed of all apps and other functions of pikashow.

  • Hold the button “Power”.
  • Then, select the restart or turn off button.
  • You can also choose the auto restart button.

Installed the Latest Version

You can face the issues of buffering, expected technical errors, page load time speed, jamming, and server issues. When you face these issues there is just one way to avoid them. uninstall the previous version of the pikashow app and download the latest version from our official site. Now, we are telling you a step-by-step method to install the latest version of the Pikashow app.

  • Visit our website https://thepikashowapp.com
  • Now, open the security option by selecting the phone settings, then enabling Unknown Sources.
  • Navigate to the file manager, open the Download Folder, and find the pikashow app to begin the installation procedure.
  • Give distinct authorizations so that the installation process can be finished.
  • Now, you can launch the app, and enjoy live streaming of the app.

Examining the Most Typical Pikashow App-Related Problems

Streaming apps usually face technical issues, but the pikashow app is no exception. But some people are not ready to grasp. Then those people leave negative comments about this app. It is the cause of below-rating the app.

After that, the common errors of Pikashow’s occurred due to device compatibility, internet connectivity issues, and cache problems. Naturally, some research makes it possible to resolve and there is no need to get outside technical support.

The errors that the users of Pikashow during the enjoyment of streaming create a very negative impact on users. But don’t worry, our team spent time investigating those issues. Now we are describing these issues step by step and you can follow these guidelines to solve your problems as well.

 Why Pikashow Not Working

This issue occurs when you are using pikashow on your Android, iOS, or iPhone, and it will remain until you figure out this error.

The main issues that are raised cause the app to crash, or freeze the home page of the app.

Causes of this Errors

  • In maintenance mode or server down issues.
  •  Massive volume of traffic at the same time.
  • Poor internet connection.

Solution for those errors

  • Close the app on your device, cache clear, and open it again.
  • Verify the date and time on the settings of your device.
  • Restart the Internet-connected device.

Why Pikashow app cannot connect to the server

If you are facing the “ Unable to Connect the server “ error, then it is a technical error. It will resolve itself. But if it takes too long means it shows this error for a long time then you can use these terms or contact developers.

Causes of this Errors

  • Server down issues
  • Low internet speed 
  • Country Restrictions

Solution for those errors

  • Turn on the VPN and try again
  • Restart your gadget.
  • Try again after you clear the app’s cache and cookies.

Why is Pikashow showing a source down Error?

Hundreds of people are asking about this problem on the communities of Quora, Reddit, and other platforms. They want a solution to this error but it is not a big error and it occurs sometimes due to an internet connection 

Causes of this Errors

  • The main reason is server down
  • Low internet speed
  • Cache problems

Solution for those errors

  • Restart your device 
  • Open the app on your device and try to clear the cache
  • Restart your internet device

Why Pikashow not working as a connection

With the fast internet speed of your device, it is common that the pikashow app shows the icon not connecting when you are trying to open it. Sadly, this issue occurs when you are enjoying live streaming and it creates a bad impact on your feelings while enjoying the entertainment of streaming.

Causes of this Errors

  • Due to most traffic app’s servers are down
  • Using an older version of Pikashow
  • Poor Internet

Solution for those errors

  • Download and install the latest version of Pikashow
  • Restart your Internet device
  • Restart your device

Why Pikashow shows a login error

Login error is a common error but it is not a technical error it makes it difficult to stream online with the Pikashow app. These errors occur when you share your pikashow login with others or recently clear your cache.

Causes of this Errors

  • Changed email or password
  • Login shared with multiple users.
  • Cache clear issues

Solution for those errors

  • Discover your original password and email in your browser
  • Try to change a password by clicking on forgot or lost password
  • Go to the settings and clear the cache.

Why Pikashow app shows buffering issues

Buffering issues occur when you are enjoying entertainment on streaming. During streaming buffering issues are harmful to your emotions. Some reasons can create this error and are discussed below. 

Causes of this Errors

  • Low internet connectivity
  • Error in your device
  • Unexpected servers error

Solution for those errors

  • Restart your gadget and enable your Internet service again
  • Check your internet is secure
  • Close the app and open it again, refresh or restart it.


To put it very briefly, we have done everything with the most advanced knowledge to fix the issues that occur on the Pikashow app live streaming. Feel free to contact us and tell us if we forgot anything to write. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our blog and bookmark our page to get notifications when we upload.